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  1. Thanks, that is much better, although there is still a noticeable (fractional delay). I would have expected it to search in the background without any delay in typing? Anyway, its much better and now usable thanks.

    Thanks also for the Vivaldi support, one more box ticked.

    Looks like I have to have Enpass running before I start Vivaldi though otherwise it won't connect.



  2. I am evaluating Enpass, to move away from LastPass since I like the Windows phone integration in Enpass.

    I have approx 400 items in my password list, when I type in the search box Enpass locks for approx four seconds per character I type. This is too slow. Are there known issues with search speeds? Why does it lock the whole interface anyway? I can't click elsewhere within Enpass or even move the window.

    I am running Windows 10 on an i7 with 16Gb of memory. I am syncing using OneDrive so don't expect that to be slowing it down.

    Any thoughts appreciated.




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