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  1. That's unfortunate. Is this a change from v5 of the Chrome extension? As said, with v5 I was using this shortcut just fine.
  2. Is there a way to set Ctrl+Shift+Return as hotkey for Enpass autofill in the desktop browser (Chrome)? This is my preferred hotkey since I started using Enpass. And in fact this is working on my private vault where I did set this hotkey back then when this was configured within Enpass itself. After this setting has been moved to the browser extension I am unable to set this specific hotkey on my business vault.
  3. Mathias

    Show caps lock warning

    I just entered my master password three times correctly but was rejected all the time only to notice that my caps lock was active. Thus my request: display a warning message in the unlock dialog if caps lock is detected.
  4. Mathias

    Hangs on startup

    Notice that I haven't encountered this issue anymore after upgrading to Windows 10. I'm not sure if that itself solved the issue or simply by setting up a vanilla system without any cruft.
  5. Mathias

    Hangs on startup

    I've noticed that Enpass keeps hanging on system startup on Windows. I've never encountered this issue on my private system runing Debian GNU/Linux. Is there some way to get debug logs from Enpass to see what may be blocking the startup?