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  1. So you indicate support for iOS, Android, and Desktop. So I conclude you no longer support Windows Phone, is that correct? If so, please say so explicitly on your web site so someone searching for that information gets a conclusive answer. Do you plan to offer support for Windows Phone now or in the future?
  2. Well, the Extension stopped working. I check the Firefox addon and I see that Extension is now installed. So, I would suggest ALSO TURNING OFF automatic updates for the Extension.
  3. That worked, thank you. Had to remember to enable the browser extension in the Desktop setup. Desktop: 5.6.0 Extension:
  4. Greetings. I am running: Windows 10, Fall Creator update Enpass Desktop 5.6.2 Enpass Firefox extension I have enabled "Enable browser extensions" in the "Settings-Browser" tab. In Firefox I'm getting the error: "Enpass Connection Error". Any suggestions?
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