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  1. I have been using Enpass on a daily basis for months on my desktop and would like to sync it with my Android phone. Desktop OS - Ubuntu 16.04 64bit Android OS - 7 up to date Here are the steps I have taken, each ending in failure. 1) Sync to Cloud with Google Drive: On Desktop: Tools-->Settings-->Sync Choose Google Drive Authenticate. On Android:Open app. Restore my existing data. Choose Google Drive. Choose my google account Message: You are using trial version - only indicates I can have 20 entries. Message "Please provide password of Enpass data on Google Drive." I have entered both my master password and google password but both get a "Passwords did not match" message. 2) Sync with WIFI I downloaded the backup file on google drive to local computer. Restore my existing data Choose WiFi Message about trial version Go to URl listed Browse for file Click on Submit. Android asks for Master Password. I enter it(I am positive I am typing it in correctly, this password is stamped into my consciousness). I get a message "Incorrect password or invalid file." I do not know what I could be doing wrong. Is it available to sync between the two OSes?Are the files not compatible?
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