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  1. On 19.5.2017 at 1:40 PM, Anshu kumar said:

    I know you guys have been waiting for multi vault feature for a long time but is gonna take some more time and will be available to you in the next major update (Enpass 6). Till then I request you to please co-operate with us.

    You are talking about Enpass 6 for a while and espacially about the feature for supporting multiple vaults. Not only in this thread. It's a so important feature. I switched to Enpass a while ago from 1Password and use it with WebDAV Sync on different plattforms. But the migration is still ongoing because of this missing sharing feature. :-(

    Any kind of news would be really cool.

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  2. It was an issue with the server config. Sorry.

    There is a proxy in front of the WebDAV server which forwards /dav/ to / on the WebDAV server. Which was fine for the Android client. I changed the WebDAV config so it works on /dav/. Now everything is fine. Sorry, the problem was the URL rewriting and none of the Enpass clients.

  3. Actually it seems to be a Windows client issue. Checked all logs and found something interesting. My WebDAV URL is my.domain/dav/. In the logs I see the following requests by the Windows client:

    PROPFIND /dav/
    PROPFIND /davass/
    PUT /dav/Enpass/sync_default.walletx
    PROPFIND /dav/Enpass/sync_default.walletx

    Seems the Windows clients checks a wrong path an uploads its data always.

  4. Hi, I'm using Enpass on Windows and Android. Just switched to a custom WebDAV server over SSL. I can make changes on Windows which get propagated to the Android version. Changes on Android aren't pushed. Any ideas?

    Thanks, Sebastian

    Windows: 5.6.2
    Android: 5.6.4

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