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  1. Okay, this produces more unusable shit than before. An older password became a field name. Then it mixes around with other websites (wirecard.com) and in another entry it sets my phone number as a thing that I would cal "username", "login", "e-mail adress". Sorry guys, I really appreciate your work and how you sit up on this issue, but I can't use Enpass in that way
  2. Good morning from Berlin, thanks for that, I will try this. Hope that works. Let me know if you can find out what's going wrong with the 1pif-file method - seems interesting. J
  3. Hey there, thanks for your patience. I will provide you all informations you requested and a bit more about what I think could be interesting. I am using 1Password Version 6.8.5 (non-App Store version) and I want to import in an Enpass 5.6.0 (non-App Store version). I am selecting the first option as I am a new Enpass user and thereafter a master password - Setup seems to be completed. "File" -> "Import" and then I selected the recommended option for 1pif files. After the import, several entries do not work. Let me explain. For example we will take this entry: + if we show up all the details, it looks like this: After importing to Enpass, I got this: The problem is: During the import, the passwords have been shuffled around - the "Passwort" entry isn't the same as it was in 1Password and has been replaced by one of the other ones. Therefore I can't login to several sites without testing all the saved information and get to limits (login attempt limit, fraud, etc.).
  4. Hey @Akash Vyas, thanks for your fast answer. I will take care of this later this day because I am on the go at the moment. Best, Jay
  5. For the moment I switched back to 1Password to gain full funcitionality, but I would be happy if you can solve this!
  6. Hey there, I switched from 1Password to Enpass today. The software is pretty neat so I decided to buy both Android and iOS apps. It's a pleasure to support your development for such an amazing app. But I have a problem and I hope someone can help me. I've done an import from 1Password as instructed here, it worked great. But some entries do have multiple, different passwords fields with different passwords for one website / entry. They look like this: I don't know where this comes from and how to fix it, but I think it's because of older passwords within the original 1Password entry. Any ideas on how to identifiy the old passwords safely and remove them from the database, so no actually needed data will be lost? This is a serious issue for me because I need to try out all the different passwords for a website saved within the entry, some of them mark me as a spam / fraud, but in general it''s wasted time - I am sure you can understand! Best, Jay
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