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  1. Hello Mr. Sharma, Thank you for the steps. I have done the steps as you said. After that I was able to get my data back and now it works. What I have discovered is that the app wasn't connected with the pro account. So I have done that also. To be sure the app will work just as I wanted, I have deleted the app, installed, put back the data via iCloud. Everything is now working perfectly again. Still happy with Enpass and planning to use it for a long time. You can close the ticket. Thank you, have a great weekend. With kind regards, Leon Admiraal
  2. Hello Enpass, I would like to hear from you, what I can do about this problem. Kind Regards, Leon Admiraal
  3. Hello, I have updated to IOS 14.0.1 and thre's no luck also. With the recent 14 version it didn't work after reinstalling Enpass. I have chosen the option to recover from existing data > iCloud. At other Apple devices, with the latedt IOS version, Enpass works fine...
  4. Hello Mrs. Singh, I will send you an update next week. I need to plan in an appointment with the customer to have a look at this. What I already know is that we have do the latest version for Enpass and IOS 14. Also We are using the correct iCloud account and it already has Enpass data. The network connection works pretty fine. I will have more information next week. Have a great weekend. Regards, Leon
  5. I tried to revocer from iCloud but it says "Error while recovering data". I am working on an iPhone SE with software version 13.7 See attached the screenshot.
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