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  1. Not sure if this is the correct place. I have used enpass on ios, mac, linux, firefox, and chrome and enjoyed it. The chrome OS experience is terrible. I recently bought a pixel book here are the issues I have seen so far. 1) You have to have a different plugin for Chrome OS. That means when using Chrome (and syncing extensions) I get two extensions for enpass on each browser. Surely this can be consolidated. 2) On ChomeOS the connector ip defaults to 192.168.254.X, this is obviously not on anyone's subnet and not what the android version of enpass uses for it's autofill IP. It uses the bridge's IP. I periodically have to go change this. Which leads me to #4 when it happens. 3) The autofill service in chromeOS dies periodically. This is my first chromebook, so maybe this is android killing it off in the background. But when this happens I have to... 4) Open the android app, put in my password. Click the connector, put in my password again. Am I using this incorrectly, or is it really this kludgy?
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