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  1. Under security settings in the desktop version there is an option to set the time to autolock enpass after a certain time idle period for either the system or the enpass application itself. However, if your desktop goes to the lock-screen before this idle period is up enpass will be locked as well and require you to enter your master password before you can use the app again. I would love to see a setting or check box that would allow enpass to stay unlocked for the entirety of the set idle period regardless of whether the operating system goes to a lock-screen or not.
  2. Hi @Anshu kumar, Thanks for considering this feature. One option that would reduce the need to have a quick unlock option for the desktop version would be to have the ability to have the lock times (set for system idle or empass idle) hold through the OS sleep/wakeup and lockscreen cycles. This might even be more secure then implementing a quick unlock for the desktop and you wouldn't have to retype your password everytime you unlock your computer.
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