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  1. enpass pro users will be charged again for new features. broken promises again. https://stadt-bremerhaven.de/enpass-passwort-manager-moechte-pro-nutzer-zur-kasse-bitten/
  2. really enpass. you lost me as a customer
  3. Since today its possible to move over to Safe In Cloud. They just released the JSON Import Feature for Enpass 6 Databases! See additional infos here
  4. ok i tried now myself. Custom fields are imported correctly! TOTP Codes imported CORRECTLY attachments not working. so here some manual work. But thats OK! i will also switch back to Safe in Cloud!
  5. did it imported everything correctly? Custom Fields? TOTP codes? Attachments? fun fact. i switched from Safe in Cloud to Enpass beforehand. now i migrate back.
  6. Good news!!! Safe in Cloud just pushed an Update for their Desktop Apps. You can now import Enpass 6 JSON Database files!!! Safe in Cloud
  7. crashlytics was even bought by Google and is now implemented in firebase. its a standard developer tool. https://firebase.google.com/docs/crashlytics/ Were did you read that Safe in Cloud will allow to import Enpass 6 Databases? This would be awesome.
  8. not sure what the problem is but auth.gfx.ms is the official Microsoft Debug Login and authentification API. so everything fine here. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2655102/internet-accessible-urls-required-for-connectivity-to-microsoft-dynami crashlytics is just a standard software for developers to collect and understand crash reports/logs. no access to encrypted databases http://try.crashlytics.com
  9. Hey Enpass Team, i want to move over to another Password Manager. My choice is Safe in Cloud. Problem is i have a big database with a lot of custom fields, attachments and TOTP Codes. if i export a CSV File, half of these info are lost and i cannpt import them in Safe in Cloud. Is there a way to let Enpass behind me, without much hassle? Thank you for answering.
  10. i switched now to "Safe in Cloud". it has all feature of Enpass, but it closer to Enpass 5 and has no bugs. also one very active Developer. and its a good price point. Desktop Apps are free, and mobile (iOS and Android) cheap. One time Payment $6,99 - $7,99 https://safe-in-cloud.com/en/ Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.safeincloud iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/safeincloud-pro/id785120026 the best is, that there are paid Versions of the mobile apps. means you buy them one time, and can share them with your family through your family library for free. everybody gets the pro license. Enpass just supported in-app purchases therefore no family sharing possible.
  11. Hey Enpass Team, in my opinion you really Fuc*** up the newest version of Enpass 6. Im currently in the state of mind, that im sick on reporting bugs and defects. (Great btw that you cut support for portable version with Enpass6 and not telling anybody) I just want a working password manager. Basically i want Enpass 5. I found already the source links for Enpass5 Deskop programs. Problem is my iOS devices. There i already updated to the shit Enpass6 version and (of course) the databases aren´t compatible to Enpass 5 and now i have 2 databases syncing). Is there a way to roll back to Enpass 5 on iOS devices? IF NOT: Is there a way i can move over fully to another Password Manager (in my case Safe in Cloud)? I mean not just the standard fields. i mean with custom fields, with attachments, TOTP Codes etc etc.
  12. agreed. Enpass 6 is horrible. i switched now to LastPass and will monitor if Enpass will work to get as good as Enpass 5 again.
  13. Sorry man. im speaking about the mobile apps (iOS). i mixed up now
  14. ok thanks. good to know. but still it is missing from the MACos App, vault overview. Right?
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