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  1. This works amazingly well! Thanks for the update :)
    Sync with iOS would be really nice^^

    1 hour ago, dfibingr said:

    Me too.  For some reason everything Auto Updated and now I'm stuck on version 6 on my desktop but can't connect the beta on iOS to my OneDrive Sync 

    I would guess it updated because you signed up for the beta previously. You should be able to download the traditional windows version though, right?

    1 hour ago, djohannes said:

    I can't buy the premium features to get things like dark mode :(

    That's broken for me too.

  2. Android 6.0.1

    Enpass 5.2.0

    I don't know if you still experience this issue, seeing that you posted this over a month ago.

    For me auto filling works as expected in both chrome's stable and beta channel. However, it does not work in chrome dev.

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