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  1. My android is showing Pro but the Desktop Linux is showing Lite. How can I fix this? both accounts are registered with the same email Edit: It is now working. There appears to be a glitch so that you must add the email to the Pro account first (In my case the android one) but because I did it to the Desktop account first that is what caused the problem so then I took the email out of the desktop one and then added it again and after that it works. Hopefully Enpass devs can patch that glitch and add a button or link in settings that "refreshes" the status (ie: checks the email against the database to see if it is connected to a pro subscription). I mean a button that user can press it and then it will refresh
  2. If it is too difficult to add the export via CSV functionality into Enpass 6 then perhaps the devs will agree to create a mini app that will export the database in csv format (For the users that are not happy with Enpass 6). I personally dont mind Enpass 6, Im going to keep using it. Since I am a linux and android user I have not had any troubles
  3. Im using Enpass 6 on Debian Linux and Android. So far it has been working fine although it was an annoyance to have to login in and sync the cloud twice. Im sure the devs will iron out the bugs i appreciate they support Linux when most of the other pw managers do not.
  4. You better change your master password right away just in case.
  5. I dual boot with Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux I currently have the autolock set to Lock when Enpass is idle for 59 hours (max) But whenever I boot into the secondary Operating System (whether going from windows to linux or from linux to Windows) It tells me to enter my master password This is a tremendous inconvenience because my master password is over 30 characters long and full of complex symbols and stuff What can I do to fix this? Technically I do not go over 59 hours without booting into either Windows or Ubuntu Linux because I generally use Ubuntu as my main operating system and only boot into Windows 10 M-F from 8am to 5pm for work. I am starting to become frustrated with Enpass. I have read alot of threads on this forum. People have been complaining about the MANDATORY auto-lock restriction of 59 hours MANDATORY for over 6 months. And Enpass devs promised to address the issue. But nothing has changed. THis is ridiculous, I think the devs could fix it in less than 30 minutes of coding. After all the autolock is a restriction that has been ADDED to the software so do not lead us to believe that there will be any heavy lifting in order to remove it. If i had known about that problem as well as the annoyance that Enpass cannot autofill identity forms like First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip and so forth (which 98% of other password managers can do effortlessly) If I had known these drawbacks I would not have spent the $10 on the Android app. Please let the CUSTOMER decide how long they want auto-lock or even if the customer wants ZERO AUTOLOCK than that is our choice. Enpass devs are trying to shove it down our throats. That is not good business practice. I dont need auto-lock on my home desktop PC
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