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  1. I just discovered today, that even though I see the error message of Enpass has stopped working, that the application is still running. I can open up Enpass with the notification icon, enter my password, examine and view saved passwords and even get Enpass to open up a link in the password link. So that implies the application hasn't totally crashed but is in some other state. Of course once I click OK on the dialog box, Enpass is closed.
  2. I too see this error upon a PC reboot. And it only happens upon a reboot. I can sleep the PC and will see no issue upon waking the laptop. I have been using Enpass for over a year now and so I have moved the database between the older standalone app to the new Store app, but that is the extent of importing data. Enpass 5.6.6 (5125) Store Windows 10 Enterprise 15063.850 Sync to OneDrive Using Enpass Edge, Firefox and Chrome extensions
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