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  1. Thanks for your reply. I would prefer not to share the URL publicly, since it's my personal instance running at home on my device. It's easy to set up your own instance though. Alternatively, I'm happy to help with reporting anything from my site if you would like, and testing.
  2. I am trying to auto fill a page for my instance of Home assistant, which looks like this: http://smarthomehobby.files.wordpress.com/2017/09/screen-shot-2017-09-18-at-5-32-25-pm.png The only field to fill in is the password field. When I am using either the chrome extension on a Windows PC or the app on android, I do not have any success. With the android app, I get a notification from enpass when I browse to the page. Then I click it, log in to enpass, and select my credentials. Instead of the password being filled in, the URL/address bar is just filled in with a BLANK and the password field is not filled in at all. I am new to Enpass - so I may have got my set up wrong. I have tried both a "log-in" and a "password" type in Enpass, and in both I just have a password saved, along with the URL. I removed the other fields because they were blank and I thought they may have been causing my issue, but nothing improved when I removed them. On other websites that have a username and a password it works fine. James
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