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  1. Any updates here? This is pretty annoying for those who have accented characters in their passwords. I have to type the characters outside Enpass window and then copy-paste them.
  2. Hi, @Anshu kumar, thank your for your answer. In deed, I didn't have `lsof` installed. Installing it fixed the issue after I restarted the browser. P.S.: Probably you should include a warning in the installation wizard.
  3. I have the desktop app open. When I click the web extension button on Firefox, it quickly redirects me to the configuration error page, asking me to enable the web extensions on the settings from my desktop app. However, I do have it properly configured (see image attached). Details: Browser: Firefox 58 OS: Manjaro Cinnamon Build Enpass desktop: 5.6.5 Enpass for Firefox: 5.5.2
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