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  1. Well, after a windows update, everything backs to work. Sorry for the trouble.
  2. There is nothing happened when I click the chrome extension icon or windows tray icon of Enpass. The only way to access Enpass is to double click the windows tray icon to active the main interface. The setting of 'Enable browse extension' is checked. Chrome version: 68.0.3440.75(64bit) Windows version: Window 10, 17134.165 Enpass version: 5.6.19 (5548)
  3. Hello @Akash Vyas Here is my story. I got some Chrome extensions and one of them will open a specific website and login automatically to check-in. Somehow this action triggered the Enpass then caused the crash every time. This is the link of the extension, https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/京价保-京东价保助手/gfgkebiommjpiaomalcbfefimhhanlfd
  4. Well, I got exactly the same problem since Enpass 5.6.5. I am using Windows 10 x64 v16299.192, Chrome browser v64.0.3282.140
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