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  1. Hi, Autofill works fine, just not for credit cards. For instance I just autofilled my password for this site, from Safari on my iPhone. I am however still unable to autofill items from my Enpass “credit card” group into a credit card entry form in Safari. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I am a longtime user of Enpass, but I do not know how I can get it to autofill credit cards in IOS/iPhone. The iPhone takes over and tries to use locally scanned credit cards, and doesn’t even provide the option (in the keyboard) for me to consult a password manager or even the built in iCloud keychain. I have just been switching between the Safari and the Enpass app, copying and pasting each field in the credit card, and for the next field I have to authenticate to Enpass again (because technically I closed the app…), and it is getting annoying. Help!
  3. OK, now I am having the same issue on my Linux box (Ubuntu 17.10). /opt/Enpass/bin/EnpassHelper/EnpassNMHost /home/xxxx/.mozilla/native-messaging-hosts/EnpassNMHost.json firefox-enpass@enpass.io The process is consuming 100% of a CPU. When I close firefox, the process continues to consume CPU. When I start firefox again, a new (normally behaving) process starts, and the old one continues to consume CPU until it is killed. I have tried to strace a misbehaving process, but it's not doing anything but context switching (visible in top). Just let me know what to run to get you a diagnostic dump, I'm all for it. EDIT: looks like closing firefox while EnpassNMHost is misbehaving results in a crash of firefox (observed by firefox wanting to submit a crash report).
  4. Same here, Macbook pro 15 with High Sierra. Have to kill the process every few days.
  5. Having the same issue; can I capture any diagnostics to assist? It is not easily repeatable, but I do encounter it a few times per week.
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