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  1. 19 hours ago, Gulshan Dogra said:

    Hey @Mwaters,

    Let me help you with this.

    Follow the below-mentioned steps and do let me know if it worked for you.

    • Go to iOS Settings--> Passwords & Accounts --> AutoFill Passwords and turn on the AutoFill Passwords. Also, make sure you select the Enpass from the provided options to allow auto-filling (as shown in the screenshot below). 


    Enpass integrates directly into Safari as an extension and does auto-filling for you. First, you will have to enable its browser extension. Also, refer to this link from our user manual regarding Autofill with Safari Browser.



    Autofill works fine, just not for credit cards. For instance I just autofilled my password for this site, from Safari on my iPhone. I am however still unable to autofill items from my Enpass “credit card” group into a credit card entry form in Safari.



  2. Hi, I am a longtime user of Enpass, but I do not know how I can get it to autofill credit cards in IOS/iPhone.  The iPhone takes over and tries to use locally scanned credit cards, and doesn’t even provide the option (in the keyboard) for me to consult a password manager or even the built in iCloud keychain.


    I have just been switching between the Safari and the Enpass app, copying and pasting each field in the credit card, and for the next field  I have to authenticate to Enpass again (because technically I closed the app…), and it is getting annoying.


    Help! :)

  3. OK, now I am having the same issue on my Linux box (Ubuntu 17.10). 

     /opt/Enpass/bin/EnpassHelper/EnpassNMHost /home/xxxx/.mozilla/native-messaging-hosts/EnpassNMHost.json firefox-enpass@enpass.io


    The process is consuming 100% of a CPU.  When I close firefox, the process continues to consume CPU.  When I start firefox again, a new (normally behaving) process starts, and the old one continues to consume CPU until it is killed.


    I have tried to strace a misbehaving process, but it's not doing anything but context switching (visible in top).


    Just let me know what to run to get you a diagnostic dump, I'm all for it. 


    EDIT: looks like closing firefox while EnpassNMHost is misbehaving results in a crash of firefox (observed by firefox wanting to submit a crash report).

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