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  1. In Enpass I have Autofill shortcut in default CMD+Shift+A. In Systemsettings > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Keyboard I have "Move focus to next window" configured to be CMD+< Naturally CMD+Shift+< moves the focus to the previous window. Bug: When I use CMD+Shift+< two times in a row Enpass Autofill starts! This is not only unexpected but really annoying, too, when you cycle through multiple windows s.a. in Safari.
  2. I, too, see the reported regular crashes. This has not been resolved in the last three Enpass updates. I have seen these issues with MacOS 10.13; 10.13.2 and 10.13.3. What is the current status on fixing this, Anshu? I love your product but this issue is really annoying.
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