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  1. come to think of it, updated URLs for auto filling are also not stored from the share sheet. My Enpass is configured to use WebDAV for synching, in case that matters.
  2. Go to a new website When registering, open the Enpass overlay via the share sheet Create a new account / generate a password The account will be registered with iOS (Safari will offer it), but it won't be stored in the Enpass database The created password will not show up in the password history iPhone XS / iOS v13.2.3 Enpass v6.3.1 (410) Enpass is the only enabled password manager on the system This is a very annoying bug and one with data loss.
  3. Hi, I would like to propose the following feature: As a security conscious user who also values convenience I would like to be able to: for N minutes after unlocking the app with my passcode unlock the app again using touch ID This way I would achieve the following goals: Enpass would never be left fully unlocked (i.e. changing into the app via multitasking, activity or tapping the icon should never lead into an unlocked app) Enpass would still regularly require the full passphrase Touch ID would be used as a convenient temporary unlock Thereby, in my opinion, providing a good trade-off between convenience and security. Let's not forget: A fingerprint is a username, not a password.
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