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  1. Hi Abhishek, My question is, how can I move the existing passwords from a vault that is not protected by a key file to a new vault, that is protected by a keyfile. Or, can I increase the security be enhancing my existing vault (which is currently not protected by keyfile) with a keyfile afterwards? Thanks, Thorsten
  2. Hi, I'm using Enpass on iPhone and Windows 10. Both are synced via NextCloud. To increase the security I would like to add a key-file. Is it possible at all, to add a key file to an existing tresor? If not, how can I copy all my data to a new tresor that is based on a key-file? Thanks, Thorsten
  3. Hi Enpass-Support, again I'm facing this issue. (See above June 2, 2021) I already disconnected on both mobile phone and PC and connected again. no success. On Nextcloud I saw, that the db file was locked, so I removed that status. Meanwhile I'm able to sysn from my iPhone again, but PC this does not sync. Any idea? Best regards, Thorsten
  4. I'm having the same error 915993 on my Windows PC with version 6.6.1 (804). Update function says, it is the current version. On my iPhone there is no issue using the ecaxt same credentials and URL for WebDav. I have disconnected and reconnected the WebDav already. I'm not sure, since when this issue exists.
  5. it works if I just use https://my.server.de/remote.php/webdav/ and using my username and password.
  6. Hi, so far I have used Enpass on an iPhone and synced the passwords to a nextcloud. That worked fine so far. Unfortunately I have had to reset the iPhone and have now trouble to connect the nextclud file again. First, I'm not quite sure what to enter into the URL filed. Is it just the URL until the folder that contains the walletx file? Do I have to enter / at the end? Is it the complete url including the filename? If I just enter the URL (https://my.server.de/remote.php/dav/principals/users/Thorsten/Enpass/Enpass/sync_default.walletx) I'm getting this error : "Error could not establish conection with given WebDav-folder" (translated from german, see attached image enpass1) By te way, I'm experienced the same behaviour on Windows 10. any help is very appreciated. Thanks Thorsten
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