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  1. Like others, I have had this problem (previously posted). It happens when Firefox crashes for whatever reason, and I do not exclude that Enpass is crashing it. Anyway. Immediately after than, enpassNVhost grabs ober 100% of cpu and horrible overheating starts to happen. This is conjecture, but according to my understanding, NVhost is communications code, I assume it bridges between the FF add-on and the enpass app. It seems reasonable to surmise that when FF crashes, the communication is lost and enpassNVhost runs around like a headless chicken, out of control and not knowing what to do but desperately searching for the FF add-on. Killing the process and then restarting FF solves the problem, which again seems reasonable if my conjecture is right. If this is in fact what is happening, then it's clearly a coding error and needs to be fixed. it is not sufficient to throw hands up and say you can't re-create the error. Since this seems to be make or break for some, and nearly was for me too, it does really need to be found and fixed. Nést ce pas?
  2. And here. The impact on CPU temp has been awful, and I did wonder if we have another culprit for bitcoin mining. I'm sure it isn't but these are troublesome times where ethics are concerned.
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