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  1. I get that - its entering your password each time inorder for Enpass ti fill in Amazon’s user name.
  2. Enpass version 6.4.4 (642) with IOS’s (version 13.5] Safari
  3. With Amazon on my iPad - yes Enpass auto fills in, but first have to enter the master password for Enpass inorder for Enpass to fill in my username. Then same again for Amazon’s password. On my android phone, it works perfectly!
  4. sethm


    Wow. Entitled? Tone? Far from it. Just asking a question. Does seems what l am looking for does not exist. Found a product - Yubikey. There are numerous versions available. One being NfC & I think another is bluetooth. But these devices are more for 2 factor authentication. I am just asking if there is such a device that is also a password manager - like Enpass or Lastpass. The closest thing that is a password mgr on a bluetooth dongle is Everykey. But its far from perfect.
  5. Thanks. Why though do I have to enter the master password for both a username AND password when using the auto fill in on my iPad (ios 13.4) ?
  6. sethm


    Meant : How about a bluetooth device dongle with Enpass built in? Why has that not yet been developed?
  7. How about a bluetooth dongle device - with Enpass built in and which could be compatible with any operating system?
  8. This used to work fine with LastPassin IOS, then stopped with version 13. credit card info does work on android with Lastpass. so will Enpass work with IOS 13 & Androi 10 ?
  9. Really want multiple vaults as well !
  10. Using Enpass portable on my Windows 7 PC. I installed the Addon - but still not able to get a auto fill to work in Firefox (v 59.0.2).
  11. First off, using Enpass portable - but I dont see a forum for this version. I have imported my Last Pass logins. I would like to import my Splash ID passwords as well - but I dont see in the import process that I have a choice where they go. Is having 2 separate groups (Last Pass & Splash ID) possible? Or maybe is there a way to have 2 user accounts/profiles on the USB? If not, then will add that as a Beta suggestion.
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