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  1. @computergeek125 My script worked with Enpass 5. I haven't fixed it to work with Enpass 6 yet - the communication changed quite a bit. I would also like any of the devs' response here before sharing anything.
  2. Hey guys, I'm using Ansible to deploy some services, and inside the config some variables are encrypted using Ansible Vault. Usually I need to copy-paste the password from Enpass to the terminal when Ansible asks for the password, but it also supports passing a path to an executable file that should print the password to stdout so that it can access for example the system keyring. Since you haven't published any official API documentation on how to talk to the desktop app, I've written a small script that mimics the browser extension's behavior and talks to the desktop app. With this implemented, whenever Ansible needs my password and my database is locked, the usual popup appears. Otherwise, it automatically fetches the password given some specific url. Now, since you have not published any API docs, is it fine to write apps that use the internal API? Do you have any objections as for making my small client public on github? Best
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