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  1. In Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, the Enpass overlay is rendered on top of everything else, including Dock icons. Not sure I'd call this a bug necessarily, but FYI.
  2. How does one delete a custom icon? I just added one, and once in the gallery it was way, way, way too small. So now I need to replace it. 1) How do I delete the icon I no longer want? 2) How do I find what the dimensions should be for a custom icon? The one I used was 72x72, which is only slightly smaller than the middle size of the icons used in Enpass 6, but once imported it displayed at 15x15 — 79% smaller than it really is. So does this mean that in order to display custom icons at 40x40, like the pre-loaded icons in Enpass, I have to use an image that is at least 200x200? Next, I tried an icon that was 1024x1024, but instead of shrinking it down, Enpass cropped out 200x200 from the center, so that makes a second custom icon I need to get rid of because it doesn't look like anything. So for custom icons, apparently we have to start with a PNG that is exactly 200x200 for it to appear in Enpass at the right size. I think the app should be able to render any size icon at the correct size for the app instead of doing what's shown in first two icons of the attached image. Please add a feature to allow the removal of custom icons. Also, it would be nice to be able to have the custom icons attached only to the one account, and not become part of the gallery. In my example, this is an icon for a service at which I have one account. I will never need it again, so now it's just clutter in the icon gallery.
  3. A few notes, bugs and issues: GENERAL - What does TOTP mean? - As others have noted, the UI is rather un-Mac, especially the settings/preferences. Not a BIG deal to me personally, but it makes the Mac version feel like an afterthought, and also makes the app less accessible for less experienced users (my poor old dad would be confused by it, but find his way eventually, with help) - Where’s the Sync button? Is Sync not ready yet? I can't find where I go to connect to a cloud account. - And will we be able to CHOOSE the location of the Enpass folder within the cloud? - I don't want Enpass cluttering the top level of my Google Drive/Dropbox/whatever - I know this isn't in the cards right now, but it would be extremely helpful to be able to sync multiple vaults to the same cloud account APP - CMD+W doesn’t close the Enpass window - Also, Close Window is in the Window menu, which is not Mac standard — it should be in the File menu - Maybe this is why CMD+W doesn’t work? (It's in the right place, and works, in Enpass 5) - When the Menu Bar overlay is open, tapping the Menu Bar icon does not close the overlay as it should - Along with not being able to use ESC (see APP & EXTENSIONS below), this means the only way to close the Menu Bar overlay is by clicking somewhere else on the screen - Cannot drag accounts into categories or into tags (attempting to click-drag an account instead scrolls the accounts column up and down) - When adding tags while creating/editing an account, existing tags do not auto-complete - Mouseover on icons should tell you what they do — e.g., the circular arrow with the star in the middle is not at all self-explanatory, and looks like a “refresh” icon (why would a circular arrow mean “generate password”?) - Settings categories are slow to respond to clicks - Legitimately strong passwords that Enpass 5 recognizes as “strong” (18 characters, strong mix of caps, lower, symbol & number) are flagged “weak” in Enpass 6 APP & EXTENSION - ESC does not work as it should and does in any other app: - ESC should a) clear the search field if anything has been entered, and b) close the overlay* if the search field is empty - Users should not have to mouse over to the (x) to clear the search, and should not have to click away to close the overlays* - When the master password field comes up, there’s no cursor, so you can’t tell if you’re in the right place to start typing (or if you have to click in the field first) - Most other apps that run in the Menu Bar continue to run after QUITTING the application. It would be nice to not have to remember to just close the window for Enpass only (*the word "overlay" used to say "window," but I mean the Menu Bar overlay and the browser extension overlay, not the main Enpass window, which should NOT close by hitting ESC) That's all so far. It's looking great Vikram!
  4. In Settings > Customize > Categories, each category has a checkbox. I'm guessing you could uncheck them all. Might not lose the "Categories" header in the sidebar, but it will probably disappear all the categories.
  5. That didn't seem to be possible. The Enpass folder in Dropbox had no sharing options. I had to switch to Google Drive to be able to share an Enpass folder. Also less than keen on not being allowed to choose where Enpass creates a folder within my cloud services. Top level is not where I'd choose for this folder to live.
  6. Followup question on this topic: Why is it not possible to share the Enpass folder within Dropbox? I have this same problem: I need to share with the wife's Dropbox account. Is this less of a problem on Google Drive?
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