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  1. Might have mentioned this before, but I need the ability to move an item from one vault to another, and I don't seem to find that functionality.
  2. A bit of an oddity with favicon fetching. On my T-Mobile account Item, the URL I had in the item is http://account.t-mobile.com. When I clicked the icon and selected Use Favicon, literally nothing happens. No progress spinner on the generic icon, no attempt to reach the site (I know because Little Snitch doesn't alert me to an outgoing connection). But if I change the URL to just https://t-mobile.com, it works fine. Also, Favicon fetching doesn't work for coveredca.com (progress spinner just spins and spins, while Enpass chews up a lot of CPU.
  3. Roger that. It wasn't clear to me you were talking about Windows, but that may have been a reading-comprehension failure on my part. And I think you're right, the Enpass team hasn't said anything about addressing usability issues on Windows. I was a bit surprised that this release got a single thread for Mac, Windows, and Linux — but then that may be a function of the Enpass team's desire to focus on bugs at this juncture. Granted, it would have been helpful had that been made clear. I'm in 100% agreement that the whole UI concept needs a revisit (I just posted a few bullet points of my own on that front). Porting an Android UI to desktops isn't going to get the job done, and it would be reassuring to see the Enpass team address this with a "don't worry, folks, we'll get to it ASAP."
  4. Password Audit bugs: - Sometimes when you click on one Item, then click on another, you end up with all the items you've clicked selected together, instead of switching to the second, third, fourth one you've clicked — in other words, it's behaving like a SHIFT+click instead of just click. Steps to recreate: Password Audit > Identical Select any Item in the Items column Click that item's show password button Now click on any other Item in the Items column RESULT: The original item and the new item are now both selected 5. Now click additional items RESULT: Every item you click remains selected — it's impossible to click any one item to see its details The only way out of this is to quit the app and relaunch it. This happens in Password Audit > Weak too. - At the top of "Identical," I'm seeing several Items listed under "******" (just stars, not the first two characters followed by stars, like all the other "identical" sections below that first section), and none of the items listed actually under "******" have identical passphrases, or even similar passphrases. No idea how to recreate this one without sending you my vault.
  5. I'm on a roll tonight... On the subject of the UI, I don't have a problem with waiting for the bugs and kinks to be worked out before the app gets a proper Mac skin, but I'd like to address a few general usability issues that I think apply to Mac and Windows. (Again, forgive me if I'm repeating anything mentioned upthread.) - Broadly, the design of the app is too much like mobile for a desktop UI. Example: navigating the settings is a hassle. There's too much nesting of sub-sections. If the settings opened in their own window (like Enpass 5), they could be much more quickly navigated. Also, there are parts of the UI from which its impossible to reach the settings directly. For example, if you're in the Add Item sidebar, CMD+[comma] does not bring up the settings. - As others have mentioned, having the "edit" icon (pencil) in the middle of the header is counter-intuitive. It should be on the "card" along with "favorite" and "more." - Editing any given Item should take place in the same part of the screen as viewing the item. Having the Edit UI roll out from the right is problematic because it becomes impossible to interact at all with the rest of the app. For example, while editing you want to add a few Tags, but you're not sure of all the tags you want to use — but it's impossible to scroll the sidebar and look at all your tags because everything "behind" the edit overlay is grayed out. The editing should happen right there in the "card." - In the sidebar, if you mouseover the Categories header, you get a "..." that brings up an "Edit Categories," but if you mouseover the Tags header, you get a "+" that brings up an "Add tag" overlay. Instead Settings > Customize should include a Tags area where you can add, edit, hide, and delete tags — and the sidebar's Tags header should behave the same way as the Categories header. UI consistency. I'll probably have more later.
  6. Usability issue: If you've added your own Multiline fields to a template, when using that template the text area reads "Add Multiline" instead of "Add [Whatever]" — "whatever" being the name you've given your field. Example: I have created a multiline field called "Details," but instead of the text area saying "Add Details" it says "Add Multiline" (I'd include a screenshot, but the app blocks that feature in Android, for security I expect.) I'd also like to suggest that the time-out locking preference needs a "2 minutes" option instead of jumping from 1 minute (too short) to 5 minutes (too long).
  7. A few issues and suggestions from a session of entering new items in Enpass 6 for Mac below. Forgive me if any of these are repeats (some may even be repeats of myself!). 1) In addition to being able to make your own default template (as mentioned before), the app needs the ability to delete templates. There are dozens of templates I will literally never use, and they're getting in the way of quickly accessing my custom templates, which are the only ones I'll ever use. 2) Custom templates should appear at the top of the Templates list, not the bottom. Clearly if you've made a custom template, you're going to want to use it with some frequency. At the very least, they should be distributed alphabetically amongst all the others, not at the bottom. 3) ESC key should clear the search field. It does not. As near as I can tell, the only way to clear the search field is to physically click the (X). 4) On a Mac, if you have the main window open and you use the Mac's built-in "Hide" feature (CMD+H, universally), the Enpass6 window does not hide, but rather closes. 5) I continue to have problems syncing. It used to be that if I quit out of Enpass6 and re-launched it, all my vaults would sync successfully on relaunch. But now I have 2 vaults that won't sync at all, and one that fails more often than it succeeds. Previously the team had suggested that I "please re-connect the Google Drive sync and let me know if the problem persists." That did work, but the problem has returned, and now it's both Google Drive and Dropbox. 6) When using "Choose Icon," it takes way too long for the icon gallery to load. The loading graphic just spins and spins for 20-40 seconds. 7) When adding tags, after adding one, if you hit TAB, an additional tag field is created, but it is not selected, so you have to then manually click in it before you can add your next tag. But if you hit ENTER instead, an additional tag field is created and selected, so you can just begin typing. (This is in addition to the previously reported problem of there not being any auto-fill suggestions for previously created tags, which runs the risk of users accidentally creating multiple tags for the same thing — e.g., Shop and Shopping because when you type in "Sho"... nothing pops up to suggest the tag you've already created.)
  8. Your definition of "feature" and "bug" are both way off. Good UX is literally every feature combined. Bugs are unintended behavior. As for UI — which is what you're actually taking issue with — that's a matter of design choices, and as kwitchibo said, the Enpass team has explicitly stated (especially in the previous thread about the first beta release for Mac) they will make UI changes for a more Mac-like experience. They haven't said when or what those changes will be, but they have said the issue will be addressed. If you want to ask why the Enpass team isn't chiming in more often about the UI complaints, I'd say that's a legitimate question. It would be nice if they were more responsive here. But given that they seem to reply in bursts, and given my experience on small software teams where we've done the same, my educated guess is that they're choosing to focus their limited time on improving the app for its next beta rather than replying to every issue raised here. Similarly, given my experience on small software teams, improvements to the UI are the last step in the process — and in this case, making the app more Mac-like is going to be a major overhaul, so I'm very happy to have them working on fixing actual bugs first. If a team has enough people that UI is someone's (or many someones') only job, then yeah, it gets handled in parallel with the under-the-hood work. But that's pretty clearly not the case here. Let the Enpass team take care of the unintended behaviors and put finishing touches on the features. Once the app is working as intended, then I expect we'll be hearing about the Mac-ification. But if you don't have the patience for that, what are you even doing in a thread about beta software?
  9. Welcome back from the future, where you've seen the final version of Enpass 6 and can report on how bad it is...oh wait... Yes, the UI redesign in v6 is bad. Most people here are trying to help make it better with constructive criticism, describing how and why the UI is problematic, and making suggestions for improvement. Beta testing is about squashing bugs and improving features first. Once an app's functionality is more stable, that's usually when you start working on polishing the UI. If you don't want to help anymore, take your own advice. There are plenty of other password managers to choose from. Find one you like and stop telling strangers what the should and should not do.
  10. Just wanted to second this, since mostly what we're all doing here is reporting bugs and things we wish were different. Still very excited about v6 and very much looking forward to helping more as it progresses toward a finished product. I recognize that may take time for a small development team working on a project that maybe doesn't bring in enough money for it to be a primary source of income — I'm a part of one of those teams myself.
  11. I'm with you. I hope the Mac version becomes something native instead of a port of the Windows version. It's not nearly intuitive or user-friendly enough as is. I'll probably keep using it because I've tried all the others, and Enpass is the only pw manager I like. But I really want to recommend it to friends and family, and I won't be able to do that unless it's Mac-friendly enough for my Dad to wrap his head around without help.
  12. Sounds great, but...Add to Vault isn't one of the options in the contextual menu:
  13. Man, I'm just running into issue after issue today. BUG: I'm unable to scroll the sidebar or the items list. Quit and relaunch fixed it. ISSUE: When right-clicking on an item and selecting "add tags," in the little overlay that pops up, the cursor should already be in the field where you're going to type the tag name. Shouldn't have to click to activate. SUGGESTION: Because the Edit screen rolls out from the right (instead of just editing in the Item View where you already are, everything that isn't the Edit screen is grayed out. This makes it impossible to scroll the sidebar and see the names of all your tags. If you want to add a tag to an item you're editing and can't remember name of the tag (was it "shop" or "shopping"?), you have to exit the edit screen, scroll the sidebar to see your tags, open the edit screen again and add the tag (or use the right-click mentioned above). At any rate, it's not possible to scroll the sidebar when in Edit mode. I suggest that Edit should take place in the same screen where viewing an item takes place.
  14. How does one move an item to a different vault? I made an item in the wrong vault. Do I have to just start all over?
  15. Another request: The ability to duplicate an item. Example use: I just created a PayPal entry for myself. Now I need to create one for my wife's vault. Instead of having to start from scratch, I'd like to be able to duplicate mine, then edit it. EDIT: Just found this in the three-dots menu. I was looking for it when right-clicking on the item. It should be there too.
  16. Here's a feature I desperately need: When the browser extension offers to save login information on a new site, which template is used by default should be up to the user. I've created my own template that I will use 100% of the time. I'm not interested in any of the other templates offered by the app. This leaves me in a position where I can never use the browser extension's offer to save the credentials because it will always do so in the wrong template. Alternatively (or additionally), it would be nice to be able to open an item and change its underlying template. I realize in some cases that would mean lost data, but there could be a warning for that. I know this suggestion is unlikely, but if it's not possible to chose your own default template, this is the only alternative I can think of for making the offer-to-save viable for me. The upshot: Users should be able to decide which template is their default. Users should be able to decide which template gets used when creating a new item from the browser extension.
  17. For quick troubleshooting please re-connect the Google Drive sync and let me know if the problem persists. Finally got around to this. Disconnecting/reconnecting seems to have worked for now. FYI, I had to do so on 3 vaults across 2 cloud services.
  18. SUGGESTION: When first creating a new Item, the cursor should automatically already be in the Add Title field. Having to click there is a wasted extra step, and it's confusing to have the Title default to being the name of the template. In other words, the screen for creating a new item should start out like this (with a flashing cursor at the front of the field)... ...not like this (where the user has to not only click in the field, but double-click in order to overwrite the "Default," which should even be there since no one will ever name an item "Default"):
  19. Here's a usability issue that I consider to be pretty major: It's possible to create your own Categories now, but it's a HUGE hassle to use them because templates aren't universal, so every time you create your own category, it's impossible to then create any items within because there are no templates for the category. Templates should be universal — or at least you should be able to start with the universal list of templates and rule OUT templates that don't belong in your new category. Plus, having to duplicate templates for a new category just creates clutter. There's no reason I should be forced to create the same basic template over and over again for each category where I want to use it. (Enpass needs a "Basic" template too. The Default template has way, way, way more fields than I'll ever use for any account.) (And while I'm at it, when one does create new templates, they shouldn't be buried at the bottom of the list, in fact, they should be at the top.) Another bug I'm seeing a lot: Half the time, it's impossible to click-and-drag an item to a category or tag. Click-dragging does nothing. The item I'm trying to drag doesn't even "come along" as a "shadow" of itself as I try to drag. Another bug: If you hide Categories, then show them again, the Item Count doesn't come back for Categories unless you quit the app and relaunch it.
  20. MacOS Really liking some of the changes, but I'm hitting more and more bugs: - Unlocking the full app takes 3-5 seconds (with a little progress GIF in the middle of the screen). In previous build it was instantaneous. - I'm unable to sync with my cloud services, even after quitting and relaunching Enpass 6. The last successful sync on all my vaults (two on Google Drive accounts, one on Dropbox) was before I updated to the new build. I don't get an error, instead I get "Last Synchronized: Today at 12:09; Last Attempt: a few seconds ago." In the last build, there were frequent sync problems (Error -113, I think was the code I'd see when it failed to sync in the background), but they could be fixed by quitting and relaunching the app. Now that doesn't work. I'm 100% unable to sync. - When in the full app, if you CMD+H to hide, it closes the app, and you have to go back to the Menu Bar, open the mini-window, re-select the Menu button, and choose Open Enpass. I'm glad CMD+W was fixed, but CMD+W and CMD+H are not meant to do the same thing. - When I turned on Use Favicons, several started to show up, but then after a handful of them appeared, it just stopped. As near as I can tell, Enpass gave up trying — and I can tell because when the process started Little Snitch was asking me to OK each connection to each site where Enpass was trying to fetch a favicon, but it only asked me about 3-4 connections, then stopped.
  21. MacOS Another bug not fixed from previous version: After entering my password from the mini-window, when I open the full Enpass, I should not have to enter my password a second time. This worked fine in Enpass 5, and was reported in the Enpass 6 Mac thread previously.
  22. MacOS Excited about this release. Will there be separate threads for the separate operating systems? I think it's going to get confusing in here if we have several platforms reporting bugs that may be platform-specific. Right off the bat I have a leftover bug from the previous release and a new one. I'm on MacOS. LEFTOVER: After opening the Menu Bar UI, the only way to close it is to click somewhere else on the screen. Standard UX for Menu Bar items is that you should be able to also close them via clicking the Menu Bar icon again, and by ESC key. NEW BUG: CMD+E from the Menu Bar mini-window no longer launches full Enpass. You now have to click the "hamburger" menu in the lower left corner of the dropdown. There is now no way to open the full Enpass window with a keyboard shortcut. The new universal keyboard shortcut is not a viable substitute for this command for several reasons: 1) The universal command is not adequately customizable, with CMD+OPT locked, and allowing the user to ONLY choose which key is used in combination with those two. The user should be able to chose the entire key combination. For example, I have a personal rule that all my homemade universal keyboard shortcuts start with CMD+OPT+CTRL. I do this because I've never come across an app that uses all three of those keys plus a letter for an in-app command. I have a dozen of these I've created in other apps, and every other app I've used that allows you to create your own universal shortcuts allows the user to chose the entire combination (see Fantastical 2 for an example). On the other hand, CMD+OPT+[key] is a pretty common combination within other apps, so it's pretty likely that forcing Enpass users to use CMD+OPT+[key] will cause a conflict in some apps. In Photoshop (at least in an older version I have), CMD+OPT+E is used to merge layers, so I can't use the intuitive CMD+OPT+E (for Enpass) as my shortcut. 2) The universal key command opens the mini-window interface, just like the Menu Bar icon, but it's opened in the middle of the screen. Shouldn't it open from the Menu Bar? Also, strangely ESC does work to close the mini-window when opened with the keyboard shortcut, even though it doesn't work to close the mini-window when opened from the Menu Bar. 3) The mini-window opened via they keyboard shortcut has a box saying [Menu] permanently hovering over the Generate Password button. To summarize: Universal keyboard shortcut should allow users to select 100% their own keys. The mini-window this shortcut produces should be anchored to the Menu Bar icon. Once in the mini-window (no matter how you got there), ESC should close it, and CMD+E should open the full Enpass window (like it did in the previous build).
  23. Woo hoo! notice! Where's the thread for this second MacOS beta release? I can't find one.
  24. Will do, next time it happens.
  25. I seem to be having trouble with the browser extension. When should I expect to see Enpass offer to save account information and when should I not? I'm almost never asked about creating a new entry on sites where I have not yet done so, and on sites where I already have credentials in Enpass, I'm asked about creating a new entry about half the time.
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