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  1. I'm on Windows 10 build 1803 with all latest cumulative updates and running Enpass bridged version 5.6.5. The client is randomly crashing with an error message, "Unfortunately, Enpass has stopped working because of some unexpected error. Application will now terminate." The error occurrence is completely random and usually happens about couple minutes after being launched. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the client, and even tried running it on fresh install of Windows and problem persists. As it was suggested in other thread, I tried using the traditional version available on the website, however, it gives me different error message claiming that it cannot find any database on my Google Drive. As last resort, I tried running portable version, however this time it doesn't even last couple minutes and crashes immediately as soon as I attempt to restore the database from Google Drive with the "Unfortunately, Enpass has stopped working" message. As all 3 versions available for desktop (except for modern UI version) is either crashing or not functioning outright, Enpass on desktop is pretty much unusable right now, and having to constantly log in to multiple accounts for school it makes it very difficult (sometimes impossible) to work on my computer right now as I'd have to type complicated password from my phone. Edit: Ok, so the issue with it not being able to find database wasn't just traditional version's issue. After that error, now it's showing same error for bridged version as well. It seems that trying to restore with traditional version (seems it's version was 5.6.0) have corrupted my database.
  2. Same issue here with latest version on Windows 10 1803 on latest update. How it crashes is also inconsistent. Sometimes it outright closes and crash with the message, and sometimes message just pops up with the program window unaffected. I can just put the error message to the side and continue using the program without any issue, but as soon as I click on "OK" button on the error message the whole program closes itself.
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