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  1. Hello, It appears the problem was with the site I was using the TOTP generator with (https:/passpack.com), and not with the Enpass application. I was later (the next day) able to re-add a seed and generate proper numeric codes. It should not matter, but I experienced the issue with the Windows 10 Universal, Windows standalone, and Android versions of the application (all are using a synced password database). Thank you for the quick follow-up; I really appreciate it.
  2. I am having a wierd issue - as of today my TOTP entries aren't generating the proper codes. I de-registered and then re-registered, and the application still doesn't generate the proper code. This was working as of this past Wednesday (the last day I had an opportunity to use a site that required the code). If I use another generator (such as Google Authenticator), the correct codes are generated.
  3. Would it be possible to have Enpass use public/private keys shared between recipients to encrypt shared items (even if the public/private generation has to take place on a Linux/Mac/Windows PC)? Thank you for the great application!
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