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  1. @YTech Can you please explain how you genrerated the otpath? From my battlenet account, I need to enter a serial number and a code in order to proceed.
  2. I have over 1500 items in my 1Password, including Secure Notes, Wallet items etc. When I import from a 1pif file, everything is under import and I need to manually categorize. Please provide me a way to avoid this. Some times are clearly labelled what they are: Example: In 1Password: "typeName":"wallet.financial.BankAccountUS" Enpass: -> Should automatically go to Finance or Credit Card. That said, give the user the possibility to choose between having all items imported to the Import folder or automatically merge them. For a first-time import (with a fresh Enpass database), it makes sense to have Enpass auto-categorize during import. Otherwise, I understand one may want to avoid messing up existing data during an import. A choice proposed during import would be great.
  3. For some items, I get labels like UsernameHash, Scope, SecurityLevel, ContentHash etc.. Maybe these are used internally by 1Password, but Enpass should not important them. Please kindly fix this bug. Thanks, Shailen.
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