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  1. spike

    Android Sync

    I decided to sync Enpass to Dropbox, it worked fine on the PC, Laptop and android tablet, however, when I go through the process on the android phone; after signing in to Dropbox and then ‘Allow', the revolving circle spins around with the message authenticating and wont move on from this point.
  2. Okay, just sorted it. Thanks for your help
  3. I cannot see the option that you describe on the welcome page, see snapshot
  4. Thanks Abhishek, I did as you outlined on the PC and it synced, and shows back up to Google drive. Looking in the backup section of settings in Auto Backups it shows the system file location on Drive c:. I’m confused with that if you could explain. Please see attached photos. I also have a new windows laptop, I installed Enpass and set it to syncing to Google drive but it won't sync? My phone syncs ok, but the laptop just doesn't want to know. How do I fix this?
  5. I use Enpass, which has been synced with OneDrive, yet this platform is not secure. I have taken the initiative to transfer all of my folders and files to Google Drive, but I'm unclear on how to do the same with Enpass. Is it possible to receive guidance on the necessary steps to achieve this?
  6. spike


    Moto G4. Android 7.0
  7. spike


    Enpass stopped working on my android phone. Worked ok yesterday but today receiving error message every few seconds.. 'Enpass has stopped'. Tried uninstalling and reinstall (twice) but problem persists. Was offered the options to Close app even though its not open, or send feedback. I have pressed 'send' to feedback option but was unable to type anything as the error prevents me from typing due to constant pop-up.
  8. Thanks for your reply. I decided to remove the app from my phone and reinstate it, but after installation I found that only about 17 of my 119 passwords have been downloaded from OneDrive. I should mention that I renewed my laptop this week and installed Enpass on to it. Though this downloaded the 119 passwords and works correctly, I received a pop-up offering some enhancements which I wasn’t really interested in but accepted as it seemed like the only way to stop it from popping up. I then received a couple of emails, one with an activation code and the other thanking me for joining Enpass? I’m sorry but I’m really confused as to what is happening here all I want is for enpass to work on my phone.
  9. I paid a one off fee in January 2018 but now I'm getting an error on my android phone that I have reached the limit that I can have. Has something changed all of a sudden? I seem to remember that the deal was desktop free including Android for the payment that I made.
  10. I uninstalled Enpass 5 from my android tablet so as to install version 6 but when I tried to download it from Play Store I get the message that this version is not compatible with with my device. Any ideas as to why this is happening?
  11. Been using Enpass for some time now without any problem. However, I’m now experiencing a problem when I come to launch a listed Url. When I click onto ‘Launch Url’ in the Items menu it opens the correct sign-in web page but when I click the Enpass icon at the top right of the address bar I get a brief error message (which disappears before I can read it) and opens a new blank browser tab. Is there a fix for this?
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