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  1. Feature request: Auto-copy TOTP code With any site/login in Enpass that contains a stored TOTP seed, auto-copy the TOTP code after user/password has been auto-filled, so that it's ready to be pasted when the next field, a TOTP field, is very likely going to be requested. This is something a couple other password managers do and it's a nice time saving feature.
  2. The Chromebook extension works well, but it appears that something is wrong with how it is handling TOTP fields. Each time I open the extension from Chrome on my Chromebook the TOTP counter starts from the beginning and if I close/reopen starts again, with a new number. The number that is displayed will not work with logins. However, if I use the TOTP from the Enpass Android app directly, on my Chromebook, it works fine.
  3. Sorry this took me a while to respond, but here are some screenshots of Enpass's memory changes over time.
  4. Matthew

    Password history

    @Anshu kumar Awesome! Thanks for pointing that out. I guess was expecting a button/action like that near the password field on the account form.
  5. I am running the latest N Preview on a Nexus 6p. Memory consumption grows from ~130M to 300M in a couple of days. I am viewing this with "Developer Options->Running Services". I had to stop the fill service due to this issue, but have restarted and taken a screenshot at first run and will reply back here with that and one showing the increased memory usage, once some time has passed and memory has grown.
  6. Running the beta on a Android N device. Memory consumption keeps growing for the auto-fill background task. I get fill notifications as expected, but when I pull down the shade to access it disappears.
  7. Matthew

    Password history

    It appears the Linux version does track password change history, but no way to access it? Is this correct and is support for accessing history planned?
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