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  1. The Chromebook extension works well, but it appears that something is wrong with how it is handling TOTP fields. Each time I open the extension from Chrome on my Chromebook the TOTP counter starts from the beginning and if I close/reopen starts again, with a new number. The number that is displayed will not work with logins. However, if I use the TOTP from the Enpass Android app directly, on my Chromebook, it works fine.

  2. 3 hours ago, Anshu kumar said:


    Thanks for reporting this issue. Please provide some more details for further investigation.

    • Which Android device are you using?
    • How much memory Enpass is consuming?
    • Have you check memory consumption issue through any app or via device setting? If possible, can you please share the screenshot.

    I am running the latest N Preview on a Nexus 6p. Memory consumption grows from ~130M to 300M in a couple of days. I am viewing this with "Developer Options->Running Services". I had to stop the fill service due to this issue, but have restarted and taken a screenshot at first run and will reply back here with that and one showing the increased memory usage, once some time has passed and memory has grown.

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