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  1. Although it is not the solution I prefer: I have imported my Keepass database that was first exported to Bitwarden from Bitwarden to Enpass. That worked.
  2. That's what I did but it doesn't work. Tried to uncheck all settings regarding time but that didn't work either. My database is approx 600 entries .
  3. Firefox extension doesn't pair with completely new installed Enpass. Also, FF extension downloaded and installed anew.
  4. Keepass import is incomplete. Only entries that are not in a Keepassfolder are imported.
  5. Enpass searches in all items when one chooses to do so. Wished that Enpass also searchesin Title, Fields and passwords all together by default. I wonder why one has to choose from one of the three which could mean that one has to search three times.
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