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  1. I would like to change the name of the Vault, and maybe have different names in different computers, but the most important is to be able to change the name of the vault once its created or synced. Also, removing the Primary, and setting a new as a primary, so you can delete the one that is created by default if you allready have one created that you want to use as default.
  2. When showing the list of identical passwords, please also add the post which is identitcal. (So you know and you might want to change both) - Also, please add this as a warning allready when creating the password.
  3. The possibility to integrate an EnPass 6 environment with Microsoft Teams. As a tab.
  4. Sync possibility to Azure Storage Blob, it should not be so hard to do.
  5. I see that you are syncing the vaults to OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive and iCloud (and a WebDav outgrayed) however Im missing the possibility to sync to an Azure Storage Blob... This would be really good from a business perspective so we can save our passwords in a common area. It should not be so hard to set up.
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