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  1. +1 This is actually kind of a big deal when you have more that a few entries. It's quite surprising that Enpass search function doesn't yet distinguish between the "space" key and any other character. It would be like forcing a case sensitive search, but instead of having to remember the exact way you wrote something, you now need to remember the exact word sequence. Plus the exact way you wrote the word before the space. Otherwise, as soon as you hit space, the entire list of results goes blank. For example, let's consider a database that has this 2 items: "email personal" and "workplace email". I also have 15 other elements containing the word "workplace" and 10 others containing the word email. Let's say now that we want to quickly isolate "workplace email". Let's also suppose that i don't remember wether I wrote "work email", "email work", "workplace email", "workplace one email" etc.. You get the idea. At the moment, queries like "email work" "email workplace" "work email" "workplace mail" would all return no result. The only way to get to our "workplace email" would be to either type it exactly, or typing something like "work" and scroll the results trying to find the exact one. There is clearly an issue. Just something as quick as ignoring the "space" in the search query should help. Please, report to the devs.
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