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  1. Makes no difference. Using stable chrome still won't back up to Google Drive. Regular Enpass works just fine on wither Chrome or Canary.
  2. Hi @Vikram Dabas × It's the back up of all the passwords. Probably 50 or so. × Canary (chrome beta) 70.0.3508.0 × I only use enpass on Android. × when trying to set up sync on the app. It's always displays "last sync attemp " never a date for a back up. And a back up never appears in the drive folder. Regular enpass works fine. I was able to "restore" all the passwords from regular enpass to the beta on a local file.
  3. Chrome... I use Canary beta. This make the beta 6 unusable at this time.
  4. Drive not working for me either. Back out and redid everything. Disconnected the drive and reconnect... Never completes back up.
  5. Authentication not working for me on Android 8.0 and using Google Drive. Always says: Last attempt: Xxxxxx Last attempt: Xxxzx It never seems to compete a back up.
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