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  1. this is what google says Username or password doesn't show up automatically anymore If you've set up a password manager to save your username or password, check their website for help. Password managers can be part of browsers (like Firefox) or separate software.
  2. anyone else having this issue? it no longer allow you to double click on saved entry to log, it just sits there. I think the gmail username bounces between "asking you for something" and "ready to taking entry" and same for password, so its really a "click" and enter username, and click and enter password now instead of in the past where you just fill out with out needing to click and wait for prompt to be ready.
  3. I use enpass for personal and work. Periodically my corporate (work) policy requires me to update my work password, and since all websites and server from work uses AD (active directory), at work it changes all together. However, after change, none of my enpass works until i manually change them one by one. I think the problem is this. 1) fail to bundle password entries together within the tool by domain or subdomain. I should not need to have multiple entries in enpass when they are all really the same domain for work that's behind AD. 2) lack of mass update tool 3) in other password manager i've used, it actually proactively detect an update, and will offer to change similar entries due to domain matching. So I think having domain detection is key.
  4. At my work we use Active directory, so I have a password that gets me around all different things at work, I would like to have the ability to do massive update when my password is changed. right now, in enpass i have to go into each one to change them manually. it would be great if enpass -> password audit -> identical -> can allow you to change them.
  5. I meant there's no way i can possibly tell if it is locked or unlocked during windows lock. But after I unlock it, it is in the locked state. My guess is that it locks it when windows locks (which makes sense). I am hoping it would give an option (optional to users) to unlock after windows is unlocked.
  6. I think I "may" have found the problem. When you lock the screen, it locks the tool upon unlocking windows screen. I wish there's a way to keep it in sync with windows locking and unlocking also. Not sure if that's all that's causing the lock at this time, only time will tell now.
  7. Hi Sahil, Thanks, I did find out about those things you've mentioned prior to creating this case. I did set them in a way so it shouldn't lock yet it is still locking too often. I started to use 8 to 10 hours, and yet, it is still locking before those time...
  8. This is getting annoying, even with 1 hour system idle, i still get it locking on me on my windows 7 system, when I'm at work working via the same system w/o idling for 1 hour.
  9. Hi, I was actually questioning the accuracy of the timing. I don't believe it should lock when I am using my computer actively, yet it is locking when I set system idle and 1 minute. I've moved my default to 1 hour instead. This is a prime example of too many knobs is a bad thing from a product stand point
  10. new user on enpass switching/comparing from lastpass. I am on my computer working, reading, moving the mouse around, so I figure setting 30 seconds to either setting would prevent enpass from locking. However, it seems to periodically lock it self none-the-less. Can you please confirm what is "enpass idle" and what is "system idle"? or perhaps 1 minute is the lowest suggested setting? liking everything else so far, thanks!