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  1. On 1. 9. 2016 at 1:29 AM, Gili said:

    I understand that you do not wish to open-source your product, but I am reluctant to use it because of the fact it is closed-source, the company is based in India (yes, this matters) and there is no information about the development team.

    Have you considered having an independent 3rd-party audit your source-code on a regular basis as a way to gain credibility without open-sourcing your product?



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  2. On 26. 5. 2016 at 2:08 PM, Vinod Kumar said:

    Hi @Ryan,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Our current password strength meter was designed primarily for our password generator only. It is entirely based on entropy calculation. Unfortunately it doesn't check for dictionary words because it is very highly unlikely that our  password generator will generate a dictionary based password. However, we do check for 10000 most commonly used passwords and mark them very weak. 

    The good news is that a better password strength meter inspired from dropbox-zxcvbn is currently in primary stage of development. I would also like to share that a new password generator (with Diceware for pronounceable passwords) is ready to be rolled out for all supported platforms soon.


    it's been a while and there is no sign of update to password strength meter. I don't think that "123456123456123456" is "super" strong password - according to your meter it is. 

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