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  1. Meh, I'm kind of over this. I switched from 1Password even though it's nicer because it seemed like the Enpass devs were actually interested in adding new features and platforms and responding to user feedback. I would have happily pay bounties on this and other issues if that were an option (always felt bad about absurdly cheap enpass is). I'm switching back to 1Password. If I'm going to deal with unresponsive developers either way I'll take the better and more powerful tool.
  2. Is there any workaround to suppress the "unknown source" error every time edge is opened?
  3. Unlike the other mobile browsers Firefox for Android actually supports browser extensions. Any chance you might port your desktop Firefox extension over?
  4. The keyboard autofill works great on Android in Chrome and in dedicated apps like Amazon and eBay, but in Firefox I just get the full list of my passwords to search through. This is a nice fallback, but I hope you will consider giving full support to Firefox on Android in the future.
  5. Cool, thanks. I'm impressed with both the pace and transparency of your development. Keep up the good work!
  6. Two issues with the password audit: 1) It's way too forgiving, here is an example: it rates the password "weak" as "very weak" (great, it is), "veryweak" as "good" (what? this would fall to a dictionary attack in seconds!) 2) No options in the password audit to find so-called "good" passwords. Every password I had in my library after importing from my old password manager was rated "good" or better. Some of them (since changed), I'm ashamed to admit were very bad passwords (as evidenced by them being what Enpass calls "good"), and I would have liked to have been able to do a search for these as well rather than just scrub through the manually.
  7. I'm using Enpass with Firefox on OS X. When I change a password on a website there is a dialog that comes up to confirm which entry the password should be changed in. About half the time the correct site is pre-selected, but the "Update Password" button is greyed out. It seems that it is waiting for the dropdown box change event to enable the button, as once I change the dropdown to "Choose an item…" and then back to the correct website the button works as expected.
  8. When fingerprint authentication is enabled the autofill tool asks for a fingerprint rather than the master password, as expected. But, unlike the full app, there is no option to use the master password instead (in case, say, my fingers or the phone are wet and the sensor won't work). This leads to the tedious solution of copy-pasting passwords or temporarily disabling fingerprint auth.
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