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  1. As previously mentioned by 100 Watt Walrus, the categories list is not really well organized and flexible. It's really great that we can create new categories as we wish, but they should not automatically go to the bottom of the list. In fact would it be possible to allow users to reorganize that list by just dragging the categories up and down, as we can do within templates?
  2. I think there's an incompatibility between Enpass 6 beta and the Logitech Control Center. System: Mac Pro 2013, macOS X 10.2.6 (Sierra), Logitech mouse Performance MX, Logitech Control Center v3.9.6 Used with Enpass 5, the mouse works perfectly, but with Enpass 6 beta, the wheel does not work as expected. When I browse the main list with the scroll wheel, at first the list is going down (or up if going in reverse) as expected, but when the scroll wheel is used again to go further down or up the list, the list is in fact sent back upward (or downward) to where it was before the first move, then goes down (or up) again. So even after a few strokes the list is still in the same position. It seems that Enpass 6 beta is always going back to the entry that is highlighted in the list before scrolling up or down. Using the cursor in the scroll bar by clicking and dragging it works fine. I have an other maintenance partition with minimum system and applications installed, without the Logitech Preference Pane. When Enpass 6 beta is installed on that minimum system the mouse works properly. It seems the incompatibility is between the Logitech System Preference Pane and Enpass 6 beta. EDIT: the same issue is found when browsing the icon panel.
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