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  1. I can confirm it works now. I don't have a clue what happened, but I am happy about it.
  2. Using a laptop. HP Pavilion 15, with Windows 10 Pro 64 bits, version 1809. Enpass 6 beta from the Windows Store, so it's updated. Latest stable Firefox, ver. 63. The extension I got it from the enpass/enpass-6-beta-downloads/ page I don't face this issue with other browsers. I have tested this on Chrome, Opera and Edge. Firefox it's the only issue. I am aware that Firefox needs a bridge connector in order to communicate with the Windows Store version, at least that was the issue with Enpass 5.
  3. While the Desktop client of Enpass 6 Beta works with Firefox, the same version but from the Windows Store doesn't. This is important because it seems only the Store version will be able to have premium features. The old Enpass 5 from the Store used to have a Bridged App in order to work with Firefox, but that thing doesn't work with Enpass 6.
  4. Enpass 6 works a bit different than 5, since now it has at least two files in constant use, making Onedrive unable to operate correctly as long as Enpass is open: As I said, this doesn't work in Enpass 5, as any vault stored in Onedrive was only "used" when saving a new login and only in that moment, and there were no settings file in My Documents folder (any program should use %AppData% instead anyways. I don't want more folders in My Documents, please).
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