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  1. Hi,

    I'm currently testing the Enpass 6 beta out on Linux and Android.

    Linux works fine so far but Syncing via WebDAV on Android fails with the error message "Something went wrong while syncing via WebDAV. Error code: 908503".

    I tried a lot of things but nothing worked:

    • Creating a fresh vault and syncing it to a new folder
      • It creates the correct folder structure on the cloud but no "vault.enpassdbsync"
    • Creating a fresh vault and syncing it to an existing vault
      • Restore works but subsequent syncs fail here
    • Cleaning all data on device and reinstalling
      • Same error
    • Detaching from sync and reattaching
      • Reattaching works but then the same error comes on sync

    I use NextCloud for WebDav with "https://<url hidden intentionally>/remote.php/webdav/" as URL and neither checking "Bypass SSL certification" or not checking it makes a difference.


    Hope this helps

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