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  1. Hi Yogesh, Thank you for the reply, however the issue is even before an account is created in Enpass for the website. As long as the Enpass browser plugin is enabled upon typing the user name in the field and hitting submit results in the red text "Please enter the user ID", but if you click the search icon in the upper left after that it passes the user name on and then takes you to the next page. Disable the browser plugin and the website works normally. I went ahead and created an entry in Enpass for the website and tried what you suggested, doesn't work either. I can live with the website not taking the username and password from Enpass, for me the larger issue is that with the browser plugin enabled the website's login breaks and requires the plugin be disabled to access the site. I've even tried putting the website in the "skip these domains" field in the browser tab under settings, and the site still breaks. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, Phx
  2. Hi All, Not sure where the fault lies here but I've run into an odd website login issue since I've recently started using Enpass, and its corresponding browser extension. The machine is running Windows 10 Pro, Enpass 5.3.0 Desktop App, and Enpass Browser Extension 5.3.0 for google Chrome. Chrome Version 52.0.2743.116 m (64-bit). When attempting to login @ https://www.mynycb.com/ the website never takes the login, no matter what is typed in the box once you hit enter or submit the website reports back "Please enter your User ID". Took me a little while to go through all my browser extensions to verify it was Enpass that was related (no other extensions loaded during testing). Now for the truly bizarre part of this scenario, after you try to login with the user name and get that nice error message, if you go to the upper right corner of the screen where there is a search box below a login button and click the little search magnifying glass, the website magically seems to pass the logon user name and forwards you to the next part of their logon process. Any help you can be to understanding what is going on and if it is something Enpass can work around or not would be great (not sure if this is a bug or a feature of their site or Enpass). I've attached a screen shot to show the logon area, and the search area referenced above. Keep in mind once the browser extension is disabled the issue goes away. Thanks in advance, Phx
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