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  1. Hey Running 5.6.2 of the Windows bridge app (from the Windows store). Seems like none of my preferences are getting saved? I want to enable minimize to tray and enable extensions, but every time I quit the app, these settings are reset. Anyone else getting this? Thanks!
  2. Trying to install enpass-plugins-5.3.0.safariextz with md5: 360d556693327e41336f08f7cb0a94e7 Safari asks if I should trust it, I click "Trust", then nothing happens. It does not show up in the extensions list. How do I get it to install? Safari 9.1.1 on OS X 10.11.5
  3. Seems like every time Edge starts it turns off all extensions with "Unknown source" which makes the whole thing a bit of a pain to use Any way to make it not do that?
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