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  1. Found some mistakes in text
  2. Hello there. A lot of features is requesting every day, but i want to add mine. So I collected some (me + from forum): Features: • More options - really, users should customize what they want, and there will be less problems with convinience (for example, I want to disable password's strenght checker and timer); • Two factor authorisation - maybe my password of 47 symbols is strong, but I don't think it's enough. • Portable version - sometimes there's no time/ability to download Enpass and install it. Insert flash, launch app, login, remove flash, done. • Quick access - PIN/Windows Hello/N first or last symbols of password (lower defence quality, but it's a user's choice) • More categories (Indentity, for example) and option to create user's presets (created, named, next time clicking "+" and choosing this preset). Also option to sort presets. (I can't agree that passport is only for journeys. Identity, Documents, etc) • Web-version (Not necessary, but will be cool. Maybe in Pro only?) • File storage. Secure notes is nice, but also there should be pics, docs, etc (pinned to login or stored independently(separete?)) • More options for import (like SafeInCloud or 1Password can. Browsers are necessary, because most of password storing there. Also import from other's PManagers is incorrect, so my 200+ password get fields like "Field1" or they are unnamed. Not cool.) • Context menu integration (RMB > Paste login (for example. SafeInCloud has this opt.)) • Extension... browsing function is good, but popup* window would be better. Maybe like this - http://i.imgur.com/0yeJK70.png • Standalone browser extension (-defence, +mobility(portability?)) • Trash (all deleted password storing there for N days, than removing, N - choosing in settings) • Something that I wanted to suggest, but forgot... • Enpass Browser with autofill for Android/iOS/Windows Mobile (like Dashlane has) • Improve autofilling: some types - keyboard based (already exist, but need some functions - language change (not comfortable to write on language A, than change keyboard to Enpass with lang. B, login, change back)); pinned notification (LastPass), on-screen bubble (LastPass), one-off notifications to paste log/pass (like SafeInCloud)... • Two workplaces (or ability to launch two copies of Enpass) - easier sorting. I hope this things will be added in the future. Good luck!
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