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  1. Currently, if we select a Login item, Enpass launches a web browser and directs us to the URL specified in the item entry. However, some applications I work with on my computer also require passwords to access them - what if we could specify a custom field (that acts as program/file target) such that, when we click on the item in Enpass, Enpass launches the target application/file and copies the password to the clipboard? Just an idea, hope it might be considered!
  2. Hi @Vikram Dabas (You sent me a personal message, but the forum wouldn't allow me to respond, something about being blacklisted!). (Also relevant to anyone having issues with doing a cloud-sync). Going to Enpass Settings > Security, I disabled "Lock on Leave" and set the Autolock to "5 minutes". Now when I try to set up cloud-sync, the Enpass redirects me to Google/Microsoft/Etc as per usual, and on returning to the app it is still unlocked, allowing it to correctly finalise the syncing procedure. You can change your autolock settings back after this if you want. Thanks for the suggestion! Edit: Tagging those that have reported a similar issue @Sleeepy2 @Mateusz @mjeshurun @MikeR @JeffB
  3. Similar to other users, I also cannot get syncing to work (specifically, I use Google Drive). I'm using x.91 version of the app without any other versions of the Beta installed on my Android 9 device. On selecting Google Drive, I'm shown the Google authentication page, where I accept. I am then redirected back to the Enpass App (and prompted for my fingerprint) to return to the sync activity, that switches the dropdown back to 'None'.
  4. A very smooth transition for me; installed as expected and all my old data appeared correctly in the new program. One bug report to make however: if I leave the main window open on my desktop, the whole window seems to 'refresh' every ten seconds or so and causes the select item to switch to two below the previously selected item. (Windows Traditional) It's pretty weird, watching it arbitrarily scroll down the list every now and then. Edit: I've now noticed that it may be every time that Enpass attempts to sync with the cloud. On completion of a sync, the whole screen refreshes and the selected item changes by one or two. There may have previously been a bug with constant refreshing, but I'm unsure about that.
  5. I'm having the same issue with the standalone Windows version.
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