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  1. 不理解为什么enpass不使用PLAY的购买方式,要弄什么内购。麻烦……想花钱都花不上。 而且现在好像WINDOWS客户端也准备收费了。准备弃了……
  2. GOOGLE框架我已经安装了,我手机上能使用GOOGLE PLAY 。依然不能购买。 然后因为enpass是内购的,在PLAY上没有购买的选择……好尴尬呀……
  3. Why can't I buy the premium version on my Android phone? An error has occurred.
  4. How do I purchase Premium Features on the Windows desktop version?
  5. The latest version is synchronized with Onedrivers when prompted that this account has no data, but Android on my phone is able to sync.
  6. In China, without google play, how do I buy software?
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