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  1. Hey, just came here to post this. I got the same problem. I use ctrl+alt+e as the global hotkey, because I think it makes sense, since I open Enpass in the browser with ctrl+e. According to this documentation https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/api/system.windows.forms.keys?redirectedfrom=MSDN&view=netcore-3.1, the key is named RMenu. Maybe the developers can look at this and differentiate those keys (ctrl+alt vs altgr) on keyboards, that have it?
  2. I'm just sorting through my items, categories and tags and noticed that the currently assigned category is not visible when having an item selected in the application. It would be great to have the category visible when showing the details of an item.
  3. Ah okay, then they just use SHA512 for harder to break hashes or something. Thanks for the hint, then my doubts were for no reason. I guess we should sticky the algorithm description and the python example somewhere.
  4. In your call you still select sha256 instead of sha512 as hashing algorithm. Secondly, when converting to hex you get 64 digits (not bytes!) for SHA256 and 128 for SHA512. 256 bits = 64 hex digits = 32 bytes. 512 bits = 128 hex digits = 64 bytes. I would assume that there is an error in the algorithm. Because using SHA512 and then limiting the result to 64 hex digits seems counter productive. You basically throw away half of your hash for no reason and reduce the encryption key size by half. Not sure if that is intended. Even though a 32 byte symmetric encryption key is already hard to crack, except for the fact that the entropy is limited due to the available alphabet being 0-9 and a-f. So if I remember my lectures correctly that would make 1632 (=24^32=24*32=2128) different combinations instead of 2256.
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