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  1. @Vinod Kumar No, it’s an ordinary full hd display.
  2. @Vinod Kumar I upgraded to LM 19.1 and Enpass 6 is launching now, but there is some graphics issue as the window is very large and it isn't even fit in the whole display. Furthermore it's not possible to change it's size. Do you have any idea?
  3. @Vinod Kumar I see... thanks for your fast replies! I'll see, if I'm going to upgrade my OS.
  4. @Vinod Kumar that's what I get: /opt/enpass/Enpass: error while loading shared libraries: libcurl.so.4: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
  5. @rowankaag Yes, it's a bit hidden, but this way you can have your history for more than one password in each item now. I like it.
  6. @rowankaag I don’t have the macOS version installed, but on iOS you have to click the password field: then a “more”-button shows up, where you can find your passwords history.
  7. Oh dear, there is something really wrong with the new section feature. Just play a bit around with creating new sections, creating new fields, moving them around, removing... after they are removed, they still stay at place instead of the really existing sections, or the fields are sometimes added to already deleted sections that shouldn’t be visible anymore. Please fix this bug, otherwise it’s not really usable.
  8. Can somebody help me? After installation it’s not possible to launch the Enpass 6 app. I already tried to remove it and install again but every time having the same issue. If I remove Enpass 6 and install Enpass 5 again, there are no such problems. I’m running it on a Linux Mint 18.3 machine.
  9. I saw there is an update to version 196 possible. A lot of bugs are fixed so far, thanks for your great work! But still there are some bugs I mentioned above that should be fixed ASAP. The 1. is very critical as it dramatically decreases your workflow, making one of the most important iOS features useless. If this one get’s fixed and I get an answer to the following question, there wouldn’t be any reason not to switch all my devices to Enpass 6. Now I’m using only one less important testing device. There was another important question you didn’t answer: is is possible to use a space in tags? As far as I see it’s not. So, is this a bug or a feature? I’m just curious because I was using a space in a lot of folders on Enpass 5 and when they were converted to tags in Enpass 6 it was all right, but I can’t add those tags to new created items and i need to know if it will be fixed or I have to use a workaround changing all my spaces to underlines in Enpass 5 folders. Also there are another 2 questions in connection with this: -will the existing tags be editable in Enpass 6 in the future? -can you add the functionality to hide some of the categories, like it was possible in Enpass 5? I was using just 2 or 3 and now I have to scroll through all of them down to see my tags, that are more important. This two bugs still exist, too. But I have to precise: the 2. mentioned is not common and not for every website possible. I don’t know what the criterias have to be matched, but yes, sometimes it happens.
  10. I’d like to hear an official statement about this topic, too. Do you plan to add customizing functionality for the default vault? Personally I think about the following features: -renaming, adding a custom icon; -choosing another vault as default one (that way there shouldn’t be any problems with removing it).
  11. Makes sense... thanks for your reply.
  12. I have two more urgent issues. 1. I think it's a bug in the "Match URL Hostname" feature: If there is a website that uses its domain name without a www. subdomain and you're going to fill in a password via iOS' auto-fill feature, then you'll get suggestions for all the items that contain at least the same clause. So e.g. if it's about the domain name example.com and you have lot of items that contains "*example.com*" (yes, the * means every possible character in front and at the end!) in any field (there is no matter if it's a URL, text or any other field type, even in notes!), then all of them gets suggested. In some cases it can be a mess to find the correct item you are searching for. 2. There is a problem with tags that I have. Don’t know if I’m the only one who have this issue, but I don’t know why nobody mentioned it earlier: When editing any existed item, their tags gets removed. Maybe it's because some of them have a space included so there is an issue that makes troubles for all the other tags, I don't know. In connection to this: I don’t know, is this possible at all to add a space in a tag?
  13. I have no such in-app purchases at all? Where do I find it?
  14. There are some more bugs I found (all of them in connection with the iOS password auto-fill feature): 1.1. When you are using the password auto-fill feature, there is no "cancel" button at the Enpass' window. So, after you cancel the TouchID unlock popup you can't close the Enpass window. 1.2. In connection with the bug above, this one is nearly fatal for everyone who cancel the TouchID unlock popup. The only possibility to proceed (as there is no cancel button) is to click on the TouchID button. But nothing happens... and even the last chance to continue by entering the "Master Password" is gone, too. Just a blue window with no reaction... and you have to quit safari or any other app. Please fix them ASAP. 2. In connection with bug Nr.1 from my previous posting I found another annoying bug. When you click on the "key" button and fill in the password for the first time, there is a kind of shortcut created (only once!, even if you repeat it again and again for the same user login). But now in Enpass 6 there is every time you repeat this action for the same user login, a new identical shortcut created. This way you can end up having tons of shortcuts for one and the same user login.
  15. Thanks for the Enpass open public beta, I'm very happy to test it out now. Thanks for all the new features we all have waited a long time for! Personally I'm very excited about multiple vaults, new sections within one password item + multi-line fields, auto-copy of TOTP's and trash & archive folders. Here are some bugs I found / feature requests that are very important in my eyes / question: 1. The new iOS 12 password auto-fill feature have 2 scenarios: 1. you click the key button and choose a password; 2. you already have filled in a password for that website and a kind of a shortcut was created. In the second scenario there is a heavy bug: If there is a username (as first at the top*) and an email (second/somewhere else*) saved for one password item, then the email address will be filled in instead of the username. So every time when the email is not the same as the username you can't login using the iOS password shortcuts. There is a workaround: change the email field's type from "email" to "text", then it will work as it should. But it's still a big issue and should be fixed ASAP, please! *don't know if it matters 2. The auto-copy feature for TOTP doesn't work. I have some logins with TOTP and none of them is copied when I login. I already turned it off and on in the settings. Is this working for somebody else, maybe I'm doing something wrong? 3. When copying or moving a password to another vault a feedback-popup (like "password copied to ... vault" with an "ok"-button to acknowledge) would be nice. Because after I clicked on "copy" and nothing happened I did it one more time... and again... and again... At the end I had 7 copies of that password in the new vault. So if there is no feedback-popup it's easy to oversee if the action is already done and could finally ending up producing too much duplicate passwords. Maybe also another confirmation-popup for moving a password to another vault would be a good idea (to exclude some accidental removing of passwords). 4. A confirmation-popup for moving passwords to trash and deleting tags (on the sidebar) would be nice, too. 5. Is there a possibility to sort the tags? Even alphabetically would be enough... I didn't found it. There is also no option to edit a tag(-icon)? 6. Is it not possible to edit the standard-vault (name, icon)? 7. The App crashes when you click on the "+" to add a custom icon for a vault.
  16. Sorry for a little OT: is the same feature planed for the iOS version of Enpass?
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