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  1. 44 minutes ago, Kurt Hilgartner said:

    same here. I bought the Pro version years ago. Got the Registration message when opening today, and now only 25 entries accessible. I dont even remember if I "registered" an email address when I purchased it years ago. I thought maybe the email I entered today was not bound to the initial purchase years ago. Not sure if thats the case or how to find out. I purchased on Google Play store.


    i think maybe if u got it for android, then the email address should be the same you use with google play store

  2. Me again I forgot sth.


    True Story here so.

    I live in Europe and my mom in Latin America.

    She called me like at 2 am to know if I still remember the password of her WiFi in Latin America.. Amazing I know

    Sure if it is a password I have it

    Opened the ENPASS APP ( android ) and I almost go blind,  so much white color every where ( my screen background light is at minimum to save battery. )

    My girlfriend woke up just to fight me ( why on earth do I need to turn on the lights at 2 am )  Sweetheart is my phone and the APP background ist white


    Thanks for the help here in this manner

  3. Hi there.

    I want to create my own categories,  I personally feel restricted with this thema,  I used to have keepass and with it I was able to do it.

    I have almost 50 logins and I don't want to spend time typing in the search bar for it.

    Also the password manager is super n better than the one found in 1 password the only problem for me just the PASSWORD LENGTH.... Just to short because I do have also passwords of the company where I work ant they are much longer.



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